PayTM vs Bookmyshow which is Cheaper for Booking Movie Tickets?

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Bookmyshow is the older of the two Ticketing Rivals. PayTm which is a Chinese company, entered the Indian Movie Booking market only last year and since then has been campaigning aggressively with huge discounts and offers.

Bookmyshow did not stand behind and countered effectively with its own coupons and offers.

Here is some Difference between the 2:

BMS Offers Instant Discounts:

BookMyShow offers more Instant Discounts rather than cash back. While all PayTM offers are oriented towards offering the DIscounts as Wallet Cashbacks. BMS saves your money instantly.

However lately BMS have developed their own wallet also started offering cashback.

Tip: If you are really worried about saving your money, then it’s better to not watch movies that are waste of time and money. Check Reviews and performance of a movie on BOTY before you head out to the theaters.

PayTM Wallet is more Flexible:

When Cashbacks are returned to PayTM Wallets. You can do everything literally with including:

  • Book More Movies Tickets
  • Recharge your Phone
  • Pay Utility Bills
  • Shop Online
  • Shop Offline

But with BMW Wallet, all you can do is book your future movie tickets. This is not a big problem for someone who is a regular cinema goer. But someone who watches movies once in a while PayTM seems like the preferable option. BMS Offers Better Discounts with Food

We all know how expensive the Popcorn in a movie theaters can be. BMS attempts to solve this problem by offering solid discounts when it comes to pre-booking your meals.

The Deals offered by BMS for PVR’s Food & Beverage is far superior to PayTM. You can get your popcorn for nearly the half price than you would end up paying if you buy manually from the counters.


PayTM and BookMyShow are both same in many aspects. And the most important one being that they save you money. We Recommend PayTM to someone who eats less at the theaters and prefers to use his wallet money to recharge his phone or shop online. While Bookmyshow is the logical choice for the Avid Cinema Goer who enjoys the popcorns every once in a while.
We hope we helped you in choosing over the 2 rivals BMS and PayTM. Let us know if you have had any good or bad experience with the two.

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