10 Best Free Recharge Apps for Android 2017(Highest Paying)

Are you finding the best free recharge apps? If yes, then don’t worry.

In this posts, I have listed top 10 best free recharge apps by which you can recharge your number for free. So, let’s check out.

‘Free’ is a very attractive word, and when it is about free recharge, it becomes more attractive. If you search on play store, you will find a very long list of such apps which claim to give free recharge. To take best out of them, here are the best top 10 free recharge apps for you. These apps will give you free recharge rewards by installing them on your smartphone. Some apps give a small task to be completed for free recharge. Install any of the below apps and enjoy free recharge rewards. You can expect recharge within one or two hours of installation of the apps.

Best Free Recharge Apps for Android


10 Best Free Recharge Apps for Android 2017(Highest Paying)

1) mCent


mCent pays the highest recharge among all the free recharge apps. This is a reason why mCent is a leader in the free recharge app market. More than a million people are already using the mCent app and getting free recharges.

mCent is having more and more users each day. The mcent application gives task downloading simple applications through it on your smartphone. With each download you get Rs. 5 to 10 every day. You can also earn talk time by sharing the app link with your friends and asking them to download it. For each referral link, mCent is offering Rs. 15. This payout keeps on changing.

2) TaskBucks

task bucks

TaskBucks is the latest free recharge application which has its own special offers. Like Free Paytm Cash & Recharge, TaskBucks gives free Paytm or MobikWik cash in addition to free mobile recharge.

This free Paytm or MobikWik cash can be use as an alternative for the mobile recharge. You get mobile recharge when you download this app on your smartphone. TaskBucks also give various reward offers which can help you get free mobile recharge.  Download the app now and enter the referral code while registering on it. You can instantly start earning free recharge and rewards.

Download Task Bucks

3) Ladooo


Ladooo is yet another free recharge application which got place among best free recharge applications in the market. Ladooo has good reviews from the users who are already using this app. It offers pretty good amount in return.

On downloading Ladooo app you instantly get reward points in your application without any sign up. If you uninstall this app, you lose the reward points which you can’t use again on reinstallation of the Ladooo app. The reviews and large number of users can be the basis of ranking the app a good one. You must try Ladooo app and earn free recharge.

Download Ladooo

4) Earn Talktime App

Earn talktime

Earn Talktime is worth giving a try as it is a great application offering free mobile recharge. This application is consistently updating its design and features. Such updation made it a great application till 2017. It was previously known by Earn Free Talktime name.

You can give reference to your friend and invite them to the app. With each invitation you can earn Rs. 101. When you install the app you get Rs. 10 to 30 and when you complete offers provided by them you can earn even more. In some special offers you can earn huge reward like up to Rs. 1000.

Download Earn Talktime

5) FreePlus


If you want to earn free mobile recharge by your smartphone application you must install FreePlus app. You can earn money from this app by inviting your friends with the referral link. If you have number of friends whom you can invite on the application, FreePlus app is for you. It has unique design which offers a user friendly interface. It is very straight forward with its functions. Just download the app, install it and earn free rewards. FreePlus is not that much popular considering it excellence.

Download FreePlus Free Mobile Recharge

6) Pocket Money

pokkt money

Pocket Money is an application which can be downloaded and install on android platform. It is also a high paid application like mCent. This application has various offers which need to be completed to win free recharge and rewards. Pocket Money application gives you the link of app of the day. You have to install those apps and earn free mobile recharge daily. Pocket Money gives fewer offers than the other free recharge applications listed above. You can share the reference of Pocket Money application with your friends and family. For each reference, you earn Rs. 15.

Download Pocket Money

7) True Balance

True Balance

This application is one of its kinds. True Balance application is useful even when you don’t download any of the application through it or you don’t get any free mobile recharge. With this application you can know your mobile balance without dialing USSD like you usually do. It shows your mobile balance in the notification bar of your smartphone. With excellent design and such unique feature it is one of the best free mobile recharge application. Share referral code of this application with your friends and family. With each reference you get Rs. 10 and the one who have downloaded the application through will also get Rs. 10

Download True Balance

8) Slide

Slide app

As the name of the application implies you just have to Slide on your smartphone and unlock it. Each time you unlock your smartphone you get Rs. 0.01. You must be wondering that what is the use of such a small amount but think that, when you unlock of your phone number of times these small amounts can together be a pretty good amount. In addition to this unique feature it also gives various offers from which you can earn free recharge and other rewards.

Download Slide App

9) Ultimate FreeB

Ultimate FreeB

This is one of the latest applications on the play store. You don’t need to register or create any account in this app. You get paid for each action you do on the Ultimate FreeB application. All of the Indian telecom companies are supported by Ultimate FreeB platform like BSNL, IDEIA, Reliance, Tata, Uninor, Airtel, Aircel, MTNL, Vodafone, etc. This application also provides various shopping offers which you can use for buying products online. As it does not ask for login, you can surely give it a try. Download ultimate FreeB and enjoy free mobile recharge and reward for each action.

Download Ultimate FreeB

10) Earn Talktime – Grappr

Grapper app

Grappr app is a very decent application which can be easily found on Google play store. Grapper application gives you various application links which you have to download on your smartphone. With each download you earn smart earning. In addition to this Grapper also give rewards when you write review about it on the play store. You can share the referral link of Grapper application with your friends. With each reference you earn Rs. 5 from the Grapper app. This application asks for registration. Download Grapper application form the play store and install it on your android smartphone. Register on the application and start earning free mobile recharge and exciting rewards.

Download Grappr


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All the above apps are popular among the huge list of free recharge apps available on play store. To get benefits of all these apps you just need a smartphone having a working SIM card and internet. As all the best applications are listed here you don’t need to waste your time searching for the genuine application which gives assured reward of free recharge. You must give them a try and be ready for exciting free recharge offers.

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